What is a Prepster?


I recently became aware of the meaning of the word prepster. It’s a combination of a prep and hipster all this time I just thought it meant preppy, but no there is a difference. So what is a prepster exactly, well here it is according to Urban Dictionary:

the prepster is someone most likely raised in the suburbs and very preppy, that moves to a very hipster centered city (Brooklyn, Portland, Austin), and due to scene exposure adopts certain hipster trends whilst retaining the preppy spirit. Specific examples are skinny jeans with boat shoes, or skinny Nantucket red jeans, cardigans, and keds

i think it’s funny that Urban Dictionary defines a persons style by their geographic location. Whether you live in the city or the burbs you can be a prepster, a prep, or a hipster. What it really comes down to is that it’s called “personal style” meaning you decide what you want to buy and what you want to wear. I am sure the climate you live in will influence your fashion choices, but your style is still your own.


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