Wear Sequins Day & Night

I love sequins, but it’s all about wearing them right. People have this idea that you can only wear sequins at night when you’re going out to a club. It’s not true, sequins can be worn at all hours of the day in the most tasteful way. For day wear pair a sequined shirt with something neutral like a pair of white pants or a knee-length pencil skirt totally works. Wear a sequined blazer with a pretty blouse and a pair of pants. When it comes to sequins and daytime it’s about adding a little bit of pop to your outfit and not over doing it. It’s also best to wear neutral tones during the daytime.

Now for the evening, that’s when you can pull out the sequined mini skirt and the crop top. When it comes to sequins and nighttime, it’s about standing out from the crowd. Pair a sequined shirt, with a sequined clutch. Or try a sequined mini skirt, with sequined pumps. Wear bright colors, like pinks and lime greens. Make sure people notice you.


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