Let’s Talk About Socks Baby!

I always talk about shoes and pants and shirts, but I feel I have really neglected the true friend to our feet, Socks. There are so many different styles of socks this winter and there are so many ways to incorporate them in to your wardrobe. Socks and boots are a definite go to look. Knee high boots with a knee-high sock adds a different layer to your legs, instead of the usual jeans and boots. I also love thigh highs, which you have heard me rave about many times. I think it’s so cool how thigh highs can replace pants in the sexiest way. I also love combat boots, with a really thick sock. That way your feet stay warm and look good at the same time. I think we can really play up our outfits with socks. Try different colors and heights have fun, but make sure your socks always match it’s weird when they don’t. 


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