The Backpack is the Bag for Men

Society has this idea that the only thing men should carry is their wallet in their back pocket. Women are the only ones to carry oversized baggage, which sometimes is so big it looks like luggage. Men should be allowed to carry bags too. Usually when a man wears a backpack he looks suspicious or he is asked what must be in the bag. I want to put a stop to this right now. A man carrying a backpack should not be questioned maybe he is just trying to be on trend. Now when I say on trend, I am talking about a fashionable backpack not a polyester Jansport backpack more like a real leather Gucci backpack. I think the backpack is the perfect man accessory and a great way to carry your stuff fashionably. Don’t be afraid boys, give it a try.

photo courtesy:the view from 5ft 2

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