Charlotte Rousse has the Best Knockoff Shoes

I felt like I found a hidden treasure when I walked into Charlotte Russe yesterday. Their lining the white wall were rows and rows of shoes and as I got closer to the wall of shoes I began to realize it was knockoff after knockoff after knockoff. I was in Chinatown without having to actually be in Chinatown. I know knockoffs are inevitable  because everyone runs out of ideas, but this was ridiculous. I had literally just left Steve Madden and loved a pair of suede black pumps which were $79.98 I wasn’t buying them for that much. Then I walked into Rousse and literally saw the same black suede pumps for $30, I scooped those up. I continued to search and a saw a pair of total knock off Christian Louboutin spiked sandal pumps, which were insanely like the real pair. I don’t know how Charlotte Russe can get away with this, but I sure as hell love it.  The deals are so good, it feels like you’re stealing!


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