The Shoe Essential: A Classic Black Pump

Yesterday I bought a one shoulder white dress which has a glitter design and ruching, I’m not going to lie I look amazing in it. As I tried it on in the dressing room I stood their checking myself out and thought about how to accessorize it. I came to the conclusion all I need are big earrings and black pumps, but then I realized I don’t have black pumps. How could I not have black pumps? It’s the most basic shoe essential.So thus began my hunt to find a black pump for the perfect white dress. Thankfully I found a pair of suede black  pumps at Charlotte Russe which I absolutely adore. But before I began my hunt I called around to my fashionable friends and one of them told me “I hate black shoes.” How could she hate black shoes I thought. Just like the LBD, a black pump is a closet essential. It goes with fashion basics like the white tee. It doesn’t matter if it’s suede or patent leather black heels are classics . When you’re wearing a bright neon dress you need a black pump to balance it out. Even if it’s black it still accentuates the outfit. The right black pump can make any outfit and that’s why you need to go out and by yourself a pair right now.

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