Would You Dye Your Tips?

When I say tips I am not talking about those horrible acrylic things that you put on your nails. I am talking about the ends of your hair people. Latest hair trend seems to be ending the ends of your hair crazy colors like blue, pink, and violet. Celebrities are trying it out Lauren Conrad tried a nice violet hue in the summer. The latest victim is Selena Gomez who recently added blue and purple hair extensions to her ends. I must admit it looks good on her. The dyed tips trend is a take off from the ombré look. Everyone is going crazy trying the two toned look in any way possible. I like the dyed tip trend, it looks cool and is a fun change from the usual blonde undertones.  If you’re young give it a try. I wouldn’t say this is an office look unless you work in the fashion industry.

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2 thoughts on “Would You Dye Your Tips?

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