Chanel Has a Fashion Show on a Plane

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I have never thought of planes as fashionable well unless you fly first class. Yes of course there is an aisle, which could also be a runway, but the seats are all crammed together. There is turbulence on a plane. You usually end up sitting next to some weird person, who smells a little. The food sucks, I mean seriously what could be fashionable about a plane? Well if you’re Karl Lagerfeld you can make anything work. Today he debuted the Chanel Couture show in a “plane” setting. The seats were “throne-like” and wide, which meant only a limited number of people could show up to the show, which made many U.S. editors mad because they were uninvited. The models resembled 60’s flight attendants in skirts and blazers. I have to say I like the whole concept, it’s a fun change from the usual. (The Cut)


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