Look Fashionable at the Gym

Going to the gym is apart of my daily routine. I am not one of those New Year’s Resolution people. I have nothing against the people who want to get in shape for the New Year, but I will say all these people trying to keep up with their resolutions are killing me at the gym. Last night I went and not one treadmill or elliptical was available because there were so many people there. So while I waited in line for the next available elliptical I decided to checkout what people wore to the gym. There was the girl who was simply there to pick up guys, in her booty shorts and a full face of makeup. Then there was the girl who had never been to the gym in her life wearing Sketchers, an old tee-shirt, and tight yoga pants. Then there are the experienced individuals who know exactly what workout gear is. Although it’s not written in stone there is a gym uniform.

Listen ladies if you want to seriously pursue you’re resolution you first need to know what to wear to the gym. It doesn’t matter what size you are pick up a pair of name brand sneakers and sports leggings by a significant designer such as Nike or Adidas. Then get a package of plane Hanes white tees they are easy to wash and have a nice fit. Make sure you also buy some sports bras because you don’t want your girls hitting you in the face. Remember that sports bras are supposed to be worn under your shirt, not as a shirt. Finally don’t be a walking advertisement wearing all Nike or all Puma that just looks cheesy, plain and simple. Have fun with your workout clothes adding a pop of color like hot pink or neon green. Working is sexy, embrace it, and look good while doing it.

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2 thoughts on “Look Fashionable at the Gym

  1. I have been encountering the New Year’s resolution people at the gym too, it’s literally driving me insane. The best thing is when the girls in their little bra-shirts get on the elliptical next to me and neglect to change the settings, so it has no resistance whatsoever and just flashes that they need to choose a program for 10 minutes until they get over it. siiiigghhhh. when will people realize that going to the gym isn’t about showing off their Lululemon. I agree with the Hanes shirt, that and yoga pants are the way to go.

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