The Messy Bob

Back in 09′ the Victoria Beckham bob was in. It was a fitted sculptured hair cut that came just above the shoulders. I remember in high school all of the girls chopped off their locks just so they could have a VB bob. I also remember them getting so frustrated with their short hair as they realized there wasn’t much to do with it because it was so structured. The VB bob has long gone since then and here to take its place is the messy bob.

Many celebrities have recently been rocking the bob from Jennifer Aniston to the latest trend setter Cameron Diaz. Personally I love Cameron’s new short hair it looks excellent and I love that she dared to go so platinum. The messy bob is less structured than the normal bob which allows it to be manipulated into many different looks. You can wear it curly, wavy, twisted, braided, and even in a super short ponytail it still looks good. Before you take to the scissors make sure you have the face for the bob and make sure you are emotionally ready to chop your locks. and

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