Boat Shoes Don’t Work for Winter

I think people are forgetting that it’s cold outside, especially up here at Ithaca. Everyday it gets colder and colder and each day I see more and more people wearing ballet flats and boat shoes in twenty degree weather. I can understand the desire for Spring to come I feel the same way too. Nevertheless I am not walking around in ballet flats and boat shoes. I just don’t  get it. Girls are putting on their heavy coats, scarves, hats, gloves and then they put ballet flats on their feet. Aren’t their feet cold? Guys do the same thing except they are worse, wearing zip ups, shorts, and boat shoes.

Last I checked it’s not summer. I think the worst part about the whole fashion faux pas is that all these people leave their feet exposed to the cold winter air and their feet become dry and cracked. It’s just plain nasty.  You wear clothes and shoes for people to look at them and the truth is I don’t want to look at anymore sock less dry feet. Oh and one more thing putting socks on with your ballet flats or boat shoes just makes you look like a “shoe bee”, so don’t even try it.  Put some real winter shoes on people and admit that Spring is more than just a few weeks away.

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