Don’t Be Afraid To Wear the Maxi Dress

There are too many girls out there who won’t try out a long skirt or a maxi dress because they fear they’re too covered. The maxi dress is sexy. Just because it doesn’t cling to you and your ass can’t pop out of it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear. There are so many different styles and ways to wear the maxi dress that it should work for everyone. The maxi dress is my big clothing adventure this Spring. Like the rest of you I thought I would be too short for it and I thought it covered too much. But I have changed my mind I am on a hunt for the perfect maxi dress for me. For those of you who are short like myself, I think we should aim for covered on the bottom skin on top. Go for a plunging neck-line or a sexy back. This applies for tall people too just because the dress is long doesn’t mean you have to look like a pilgrim. Try a cool design, dress it up with necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Embrace your inner hippy wear sandals or go for platforms. The maxi dress can be worn for a day on the beach, hanging out with friends, or even a date. The possibilities are endless, but it’s all about how you wear it!

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