Wash Your Face No Matter What

When I stumble into my dorm at 2am all I am thinking about is getting into my bed and sleeping. But the worst feeling in the whole world is waking up the next morning and being unable to open my eyes because my mascara is crusted over, my contacts are still in my eyes and I have smudged eyeliner all over my face. Washing your face takes 10 minutes tops and it’s a priority that is neglected by so many girls. I wholeheartedly admit I am a victim of the morning after makeup face, but after this weekend I swear I will never do it again. No matter what time it is or how tired you are, you need to watch your face ladies. Sleeping with all that makeup on your face is so bad for your pores and will lead to so many pimples. We forget that are faces collect a lot of dirt and washing it  daily truly is a must. If you really can’t get to a sink to wash you face at least try some face wash. Clean your face with something!


2 thoughts on “Wash Your Face No Matter What

  1. I’ve been guilty of this one-too-many-times! So now I keep a packet of face wipes by my bed and I have no excuse to wake up with panda eyes. And after a VERY bad eye infection, I always remove my contacts before going to bed!!

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