When You Break Both Your Heels…

Breaking a heel is something I thought would never happen to me. I mean I kind of just thought it was something that happened in movies. My thoughts completely changed when it happened to me this past weekend. I was walking down the stairs and completely feel on my ass stood up and realized I broke a heel then as I was standing there on one heel, I broke that heel too. With in an instant I went from looking so good to a completely mess with two broken heels. I don’t know how it was possible that I broke not one but two shoes within moments. I was basically on the verge of tears so embarrassed and pissed my outfit was ruined. So what did I do, I through on some socks and partied the night away and I will say I had a great time. But ladies always prepare for the unexpected moments carry a pair of those Dr. Scholls ballet flats because you never know when you could break a heel.


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