Color Block: Makeup Edition

Refinery 29 totally inspired this post. I saw the picture above and was like first I need to try this and second I totally need to blog about it. I never thought to color block my makeup but this could totally work. Try wearing a bright orange eye shadow with a pink lip, it could be fun to switch things up. For paler skin tones try a green shadow with darker lip, or line your lids with an electric blue eyeliner and then pop with a pink lip.  Color block makeup could be such a fun spring look. I can’t wait to see who is daring enough to try it, I know I’ll give it a whirl but I won’t go to extremes. For those of you who want add some color to you makeup look, but don’t want to completely color block try a different color mascara. I always wear blue mascara from Maybelline. I love it, it makes my eyes pop in the sunlight, but looks black in regular light. It’s a fun way to play up your eyes as well as confuse people into thinking you have blue eyelashes. Have a little fun with your makeup.

Photographed by Ben Ritter


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