For Guys It’s All About the Shirt

Most guys don’t care about fashion, but what they do care about is the t-shirt they’re wearing. I was at a party this past weekend and all the girls were wearing dresses, heels, skirts, boots, the selection was endless. But then I looked around the room the guys basically had two things to choose from jeans and a t-shirt.All guys jeans are very similar but their t-shirt is everything. Ranging from a simple v-neck to a graphic tee. I think you can totally judge a guy by his shirt. The plain white tee doesn’t say much except that he is a simple kind of guy. Then there are the skater tees which say it all and don’t forget about the BAPE tees too. So ladies what kind of shirt do you like to see a guy in and gentlemen what’s your favorite kind of t-shirt?


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