Is Your Style Too Simple?

I am a very black and white type of person I mean that in the most literal sense and in the most fashionable sense also. I looked in my closet the other day and realized that everything was either black, white, or gray. I mean there was pops of color here and there but it was too simple, too plain. I don’t want you guys to end up being a simplicity victim like myself. Sometimes your style can be so simple you become boring and then it’s hard to distinguish anything different about you. That new sweater you brought because lost in all your clothes because it looks like everything else. So as a heads up, every now and then splurge and wear something that’s so not like you. Wear a bright color, try a funky print just think outside of the fashion box.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Style Too Simple?

  1. That is exactly what my closet looks like, too! When I buy new things, I try to pick items that will work with the rest of my wardrobe. Although everything works well together, it’s all SO plain. I really need to start taking risks – that’s actually why I’ve been following fashion blogs, I need ideas!

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