Who Said Black & Brown Doesn’t Go?

Black and blue, brown and black, purple and blue…people have this complex that certain color just don’t work together, but it’s not true. The reason people think certain colors don’t go together is because they don’t know how to match them. So many people have worn black and brown in the worse ways that everyone else is scared to try wearing them the right way. But don’t be afraid to any longer, I am here to guide you in the right direction. Black and brown are like brother and sister, it’s a total love hate relationship. Too much black or too much brown can totally throw the colors off. So the best way to match the two colors is by placing a color in between them. That in betweener color is white, it balances the two dark hues and creates a friendly matching relationship. White also works well between blue and black as well as purple and blue. I would call white the color mediator.


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