Don’t Wear Worn Out Ballet Flats

Prior to the blizzard that came to Ithaca this past weekend it was a warm 50 degrees here, which meant every girl attempted to dress springy and pulled out the worn in ballet flats. I have no problem with breaking shoes in, but it does bother me when an individuals shoes are so broken it that it looks like they are a hobo walking around in the last pair of shoes they own. I especially have a problem with girls who wear the flats that are so worn out you can see their toes, which forces you to wonder if they’re walking on the concrete. Ladies it’s time to buy a fresh pair. Stop trying to wear those worn out ballet flats they literally make your feet look disgusting. I know you’re probably saying “They’re comfortable”, but have you ever thought they are bad for your posture and have zero arch support. I mean it’s just a thought. Throw out your ballet flats and buy a new pair for when spring actually begins.


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