Don’t Wear Red On Valentine’s Day

Wearing red on Valentine’s Day is so cliché and if you know Fashionique and you know me, I’m all about being chic. So don’t run with the crowd and pull out red dress, shirts or heels. Go for “feminine simplicity” wear ultra feminine fabrics like silk and chiffon or lace. A white dress with lace accents will speak volumes more than a cliché red dress. Chiffon is the perfect fabric to wear when you want to be a little revealing and sexy with the ultimate feminine touch. I think Valentine’s Day is a time to show off you girly side without being overtly obnoxious. There is no reason to accessorize with heart’s or teddy bears try something a bit more simple like a loose bow. The little feminine things are what make a woman sexy. Valentine’s Day is a time  to show love more than ever, I think it is definitely a holiday to embrace your girlyness without going to extremes.

Happy Valentine’s Day Fashionique Readers!



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