Gray Skies Are A Reason to Accessorize

I don’t know how the weather has been in the rest of the world, but here in Ithaca, NY it’s been nothing but gray skies. It’s so bad that I think I am developing the S.A.D. disorder from the lack of sun. I am actually thinking about taking Vitamin D tablets, but enough about me and back to the solution to the gray madness. People often dress in sweatpants when the weather is dull, but there is no reason to be down because the sun isn’t around. (That rhymed! :D) Accessorize, when it’s raining pull out bright-colored rain boots and don’t go for the ordinary umbrella try a bubble umbrella. Bubble umbrella are super cute and fun and they protect you from the rain better than a regular umbrella. Don’t let your outfit reflect the gray skies where lime green, bright pink, pull out the yellow peacoat. Be the brightness in someone’s life because the sun isn’t around. And when someone asks you why you’re wearing such bright colors first say, “Well, Fashionique told me too” and then say, “Because I wanted to brighten your day.” It sounds so cheesy, but trust me it will make someone smile.

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