Yoga Pants Wear Them Right!

I am currently wearing yoga pants as I write this post so I feel inspired  to write about them of course. First of all they are comfy and the best way to look good while staying comfortable. I know boys think it they’re the best pant ever invented because of the way it shapes a girls butt. I have to agree, my butt doesn’t look to bad in a pair of yoga pants either. However, I must consult the individuals who take the yoga pant too far. Wearing words across your butt or displaying any type  of bling creation across your ass ( pardon my language) is inappropriate and most of all ugly. I understand you are trying to direct people towards that area by putting words there, however, people do not need words to know where to look. A few other things about yoga pants,I don’t think any girl should ever own white yoga pants because they cause major camel toe and stain very easily. Also when you make the decision to wear yoga pants do not wear undergarments which cause major lines try to wear something that isn’t so obvious. I hope you can understand wear I am coming from, best of luck!


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