Fashionique is On Pinterest!

“Are you on Facebook?”, “Do you have a Twitter”….No wait “Do you have Pinterest?” Pinterest—pinning your interest in a virtual world. Remember being a kid and ripping out pictures from magazines and then “pinning” the pictures on a cork board, well now you can do it all over again in a virtual world cause that’s what Pinterest is all about. Fashionique has officially joined in on the pinning fun….and you can too! Beginning today you can keep up with Fashionique by Dominique on Pinterest. Follow your favorite boards which document Fashionque’s style inspiration, accessory craze, bittersweet beauty, shoe stalking and of course there is a board just for the boys. Check out images from the most recent blog posts to posts of the past. Each board is updated daily with tons images that Fashionique just loves.

I’m completely Pinterest obsessed so hop on the bandwagon follow Fashionique and start pinning. 


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