Pop the Hood

Remember this a fashion blog, so obviously I’m not talking about cars. I’m talking about real hoods like the ones you find on jackets and sweatshirts. Specifically however, I am talking about the hoodie a closet comfort essential. I have a friend who is ultra preppy and doesn’t own a hoodie or a single pair of sweatpants. First of all I think he is crazy. Second of all, the kid thinks khaki’s are comfortable, obviously he doesn’t know how great sweatpants are. Anyway enough about him, I have decided to talk about hoods today because I think we forget how great of an accessory it is. People only pop their hoods when it’s raining or snowing, however there is nothing wrong with popping your hood when it’s sunny outside. I think a popped hood creates a certain kind of mood and is a great way to hide a bad hair day. Besides that a hood can really shape a person’s face. So like I said pop your hoods people.

Photos Courtesy: weheartit.com

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