White Jean WHITEOUT!

Let me begin by saying you can wear white pants all year round, that whole “You can’t wear white after labor day”  saying that was made up by some idiot who could find their white jeans in September. I am here to inform you on a few things, first buy a pair of white jeans because they are so refreshing and bring life to any demure color. And when I say buy I am talking to both girls and BOYS . Guys you can wear white pants too their is no law that forbids you.



White jeans look good on all types of men, so down categorize white jeans for only a particular type of man. I think a white pant on a guys looks really good especially when he pairs it with colorful kicks and a simple tee. Now that’s how I would describe a man with style. Just a few pointers about buying white jeans make sure they are actually white and not some cousin of white, that’s a big mistake that many people make. Oh and ladies don’t buy the jeans with all the rips and holes in it. You’re jeans are supposed to be versatile you can’t wear ripped jeans on a formal summer date. Keep it classy and boys make sure your pants are fitted, but not too fitted.

Photos Courtesy: weheartit.com & pinterest

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