Sneakers With a Dress

For some reason everyone has this idea, that one you put on a dress you have to “dress up”. Meaning you must wear  makeup, sandals, wedges, pumps, jewelry etc. No one just throws on a dress like a pair of shorts, but the thing is you can. Dresses don’t have to mean you’re trying to dress up in any way. It could just mean you want to put on dress, which brings me to my point. You can wear sneakers with a dress. A cute pair of keys or floral shoes are a great to wear with a dress. They make the look casual and even more comfortable. Wearing a dress doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Think of it as wearing a tee-shirt and jeans…casual and comfortable.


4 thoughts on “Sneakers With a Dress

  1. I totally agree! The other day I put on a dress, and threw on my all black converse! It was perfect and comfortable!!! 😉

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