Classic Chipped Nails

I love nail polish. I think it’s a great way to dress up your nails and it’s one thing society believes girls can do and boys can’t, even though some guys do pain their nails but that’s a different topic. Nail polish alway looks great the first three days, but then that inevitable fourth day hits and thing star going downhill as that first nail chips. And then you get busy and when you look down at you fingers on the fifth day you realize both your pink and thumb are beginning to chip. By the seventh day all your nails have chipped and no you’re so busy you don’t have time to take the nail polish off so you walk around with chipped nails instead. I think the worst part about having chipped nails is when someone compliments you on your chipped nail color. Because then it’s a backhanded compliment, they like the color but they are also acknowledged you’re inability to keep up with your fingernails. I’m writing this post to acknowledge the fact that we all hate chipped nails and sadly ladies I don’t have a solution, expect find the time to take off your chipped nail polish.

P.S. I wrote this entire post with chipped finger nails 😉


4 thoughts on “Classic Chipped Nails

  1. I ALWAYS wear nail polish. I find it extremely classy and beautiful…And stops me from biting them. As you well said, I do love when boys do it. Why not? Who said boys cannot wear anything they want?
    I am as well typing this with chipped nails xD and hope to find some time in between all of the stuff that I’ve to do tomorrow to coat them with my new vegan nail polish.
    On the other hand, what stops me from having to paint them over and over is:
    As you said, the color starts chipping on the third day and this means I would have to color them like 3 times a week…A lot of time wasted and a lot of money spend on nail polish!

    • Vegan nail polish…now please tell me about that. Oh and I have to celebrate the fact that I did find time to take off my nail polish now I have to find the time to repaint my nails. Such a hard life I live hehehehe.

  2. The different textures of the rings look great with the chipped nails, today I’m surprisingly wearing a fresh coat of nail polish

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