Feminine Simplicity: Dresses, Cardis & Skinny Belts

I think when we all get dressed in the morning we aim for feminine simplicity. The idea that it took nothing to look this good; all we did was jump out of bed with perfect hair and threw on a few items of clothing, that’s feminine simplicity. In reality it takes a whole lot more for us to walk out the door looking effortlessly beautiful, but it’s ok for us girls to spend time on ourselves. I love topping dresses with cardigan because they really do keep you warm and they look so good together. Your cardigan can be shorter than your  dress or as long as your dress, but never longer.  The most feminine touch is a skinny belt which can be worn on top of the cardigan and the dress or just on top of the dress. Personally I like when the skinny belt cinches the dress so that way you have the option of removing the cardigan when ever you want. The cardigan and dress look will be a go to staple this spring. Just so you know this is my exact outfit for today!


5 thoughts on “Feminine Simplicity: Dresses, Cardis & Skinny Belts

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