Would You Wear a Headscarf?

It’s so easy to get tired of your hair especially when you don’t like the color, the length, or the way it looks. So normally your solution is to throw it up in a pony tail or put on a baseball cap, but have you ever thought of trying a headscarf? I know for some of you this may be a little out there, but  a headscarf can really be an appealing accessory and it can fix almost all of your hair problems. Literally think of it as the scarf for your head. The same way a scarf can take your outfit from causal to chic a headscarf is just as capable. They come in so many colors and here’s a fashion secret. If you’re headscarf is long enough wear it as a scarf around your neck. Now that’s a two in one.

Photographer Vasil Germanov
Model Martina Dimitrova

2 thoughts on “Would You Wear a Headscarf?

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