Overall Overhaul

The first thought that comes to mind when I think about overalls is me in kindergarten dressed in overalls with a floral shirt and boots. At the time I thought I was so fashionable, but I must admit we all have our fashion low lows. But now that I think about it overalls were just so comfortable, which just might be the reason they’re back in trend. I’m not talking about the long farmer overalls, no those will stay dead forever. Overall shorts have struck a chord with fashionistas who are transforming the farmer look and making overalls sexy. Pairing them with a pair of heels and wearing bandeau’s underneath. I really think this brings a whole new life to overalls. Nevertheless, this a very daring trend move. I’m not sure if someone like myself would bring back overalls into my own wardrobe, but it is a thought.


4 thoughts on “Overall Overhaul

  1. i just discovered you and i dont know why its taken so long!!
    so please tell me what you think about wearing overall shorts, with a bandeau shirt under, and maybe high top converse? it is for a rap concert, so i want to be comfortable but also kind of flirty… in a boyish way. i hope you can help, give me tips or an even better idea, thanks for your time!
    looking forward to a response! melissa

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