The Statement Sandal—Summerissima by Chrisitan Louboutin

Oh how I dream of wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin’s someday, there is something about those red bottoms that I just can’t wrap my head around. They just scream sexy and I don’t know if there is a woman in the world who doesn’t want a pair. I introduce to you the summerissima, the perfect summer sandal. Now when I say sandal these shoes aren’t meant for beach wear. These are the kind fo shoes you wear to that summer dinner overlooking the sunset or the shoes you wear to the office and prop up on the desk( if you work in the fashion world). It’s a statement heel because they literally speak volumes without you saying a word. For me they say a few things like “hell yeah I’m a sexy ass bitch” or “That’s right I take pride in my feet and I put them on a pedestal, literally.” What do these Summerissima sandals say to you?


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