Trend Bicolor

Good Morning Fashionique Readers, 

As you know I haven’t been around much lately and I wholeheartedly apologize. I’ve been super busy and too sum it all up I’ve been working at a summer camp and I also have an internship with a person named Gabby Wild. I don’t know how I’m doing it all, but some how I am. Thankfully Tracy Clifford has been courtesy enough to guest blog. Read her post below and check out her blog too. Hope you are all staying chic and I hope to return to full time blogging in August.

With Love, 


There have been a handful of recent trends that still seem to be holding strong from season to season. Some of these include lace, color blocking, pleats, and floral prints. Of course anything red, orange or coral still wears well, but one of the most popular color trends for Resort 2013 is the pairing of black and white. I love this trend for many reasons. Most people already have black and white in their wardrobe, so it is not necessary to spend time and money shopping for the latest trend in this case. Also, black and white are colors that interact very well. In other words, it is hard to mess this one up! Trends do not always translate well from the runway to real life. It can be difficult to understand which trends are appropriate for you and which ones aren’t. People often end up looking costumey or just desperately trendy. This will rarely happen with black and white. The two colors pair well and allow just about anybody to look current. For a more fashion forward approach, try mixing trends like black and white with color blocking, floral prints or the newest print which is geometric.

Warning: Please resist the urge to add red to this color scheme and do not , I repeat do not, go running to the nearest Black and White House.


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