Miley and those Dr. Martens

So Miley Cyrus chopped off all her hair and then adopted an entirely new style. She’s a total punk rocker now. I understand she is growing up but her style is rebellious rather than mature, which is why she has turned to Dr. Martens. Doc Martens are those ugly black, lace up, combat looking, clunky, shoes she wears. Personally I think they look horrible on her and do nothing for her foot. However, I was looking around yesterday and I realized there are some celebrities, who know how to do Dr. Martens right. Take Jessica Alba. She has a pair of marron one’s, which she rocks with multiple styles.

Photos Courtesy MTV and Shopsterium

4 thoughts on “Miley and those Dr. Martens

  1. You’re an idiot. First off, she could care less if you like her docs or not. Style is an expression of how feel, shes entitled to that. Secondly, docs are awesome. And lastly, it’s spelt maroon not marron. Dumbass.

    • Thanks for the criticism. I’ll be sure to take it into account. I was going to stop blogging, but thanks to you I have completely changed my mind. It’s always good to hear people’s opinions and just so you know when you come to Fashionique by Dominique you are hearing my opinion so I am aloud to say whatever I want and I’m human I make mistakes and I’m not a dumbass, an idiot or what ever foul name you would like to call me.

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