What is Business Casual?

This coming Monday I have an awards dinner, which the attire is business casual. For three days I have been asking myself and others what “business casual” means exactly. I have received many mixed answers. Guys have it easy business casual is khaki’s and  a button down or a sweater. Of course being women, we come with so many more options. So I have the choice between pants, a dress, or a skirt. What I have learned so far is that jeans are not acceptable, however, a cardigan is acceptable along with heels and ballet flats. So the options are seeming quite endless. Hence the reason, I have not chosen what to wear. I am leaning towards wearing a dress, but I have not  truly found the right one. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do business casual the right way?


One thought on “What is Business Casual?

  1. No clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your back, chest, stomach or your underwear.
    Wear modern pastel tones for holidays in Spring, instead of Easter themed clothing.
    In today’s modern world, there are no longer many
    work settings where one must wear a suit and tie to work every single day.

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