How to be a Hipster

I know I’m already breaking rule one of being a hipster, but it’s  all for the well being of style and my readers. My friend Kelly and I love Fall so much that we have recently adopted the hipster style and fully admit we are hipsters. So what does it mean to be a hipster in terms of style. Bring out the big knit hats, extra large sweaters, combat boots, and long scarves. These are just a few of the items to begin the hipster style adoption process. Give up all of your name brand clothing and start looking for cool knits at thrift shops and the Salvation army. These places will become your hipster paradise. In terms of accessories, it’s all about the scarves, hats, and jewelry. Since I’ve recently adopted the hipster style, I’ve realized I definitely need to buy more hats because currently my only hipster hat, I keep borrowing from my roommate. However, I am on my way in the accessory department. I have tons of cool looking rings and long necklaces. I actually think my chipped nail polish is working with this whole style evolution.  Scarves wrapped around your neck a few times are a must because it looks cool, and it actually keeps your neck warm. So as the temperatures drop start thinking about adopting a hipster style because it looks chic and it keeps you warm too.

P.S. make sure you get a big pair of glasses #hispteressentials


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