An Epiphany: Finding My Voice

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I won’t lie this post popped in my head as I was dancing around my house with the music blasting.

Right in the middle of One Republic’s Feel Again I realized that I was head over heels in love with myself in that moment. I’ve been a bit lost lately. I keep trying to figure out who I am, what defines me and I am so determined to find my voice.  But as I was belting out the lyrics (water bottle in hand) to Feel Again the search came to an end because who I am, what defines, my voice well that’s all right in front of me. The girl dancing around in her underwear and bra that’s who I am. Dancing, being utterly insane, living that’s what defines me and my voice well I’ve had it all along.

I’m calling this an epiphany because I want everyone to know, if you’re lost and trying to figure out who you are just stop for a second and spend some time with yourself.  You don’t ever really lose who you are, you just forgot to spend time with yourself. Everyday spend twenty minutes with yourself  think, reflect, meditate…whatever makes you happy because that’s who you are.

Style is a direct expression of who you are. When you’re shopping make sure every piece you buy is a piece of you. Have the confidence to wear what ever you want. Don’t let others determine you’re style because your style is you. Remember style is forever and fashion is truly just a season.

That’s all for my philosophical moment today.


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