IMG_0109_B&WI’m Dominique the face behind the name. I started “Fashionique by Dominique” in January 2010, with the hopes of breaking out and becoming the next fashion sensation. At the age of 21, I’m only slightly more realistic and now blog for my own enjoyment. “Fashionique by Dominique” consists of my ever-changing  thoughts, personal experiences, and bold opinions on fashion with a focus on my style motto: clean. classy. chic. Simply an Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ithaca College I have big hopes to enter into the PR world and become a liaison for a major PR firm.

Ten things about Dominique

I am a Jersey Girl, who’s always wanted to be a New Yorker. (Both my parents are from New York.)

My entire family speaks French and I only speak un peu ( a little) because I was too stubborn to learn and threw a chair at my grandpa when he tried to teach me.

My favorite color is magenta but I’m obsessed with black & white. The color combo is so sophisticated, yet sexy.

I am one of the most picky eaters you’ll ever meet and always order off menu.

My love of fashion stems from childhood games including Pretty Pretty Princess and Dress up. I could never get enough of those plastic Cinderella heels.

It is my philosophy that if you bear your toes in any shoe, they must be manicured and painted.

I hate feet, but cherish my own.

I have a younger sister who looks like me, but she is nothing like me. If you know what I mean.

I have a disturbing celebrity crush on Ryan Gosling. You will hear me ohh and ahh at the mention of his name.

My family are the only people who call me Dominique. Otherwise I go by a list of nicknames: Dom, Dommy, Dommygirl, Domageek, Doom, DomDom, Domino! I would prefer if everyone called me Dominique and pronounced it The French way, but we can all dream can’t we.


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