What Does Your Bag Holding Style Say About You

Pocketbook, purse, bag there are number of things to call the statement accessory that holds women’s important daily possessions. But did you know how you decide to display/hold your bag says a lot about your personality. Body Language expert Patti Wood tells all:




The Boyfriend Watch –Another Boyfriend for the Collection

Boyfriend jeans, Boyfriend tees, Boyfriend blazers now’s it’s time to tap into accessories. I introduce to you the Boyfriend Watch. So why do we add the word  boyfriend to it. It’s because the face of the watch is large like a typical men’s watch, but the band is small made for a woman. I first noticed this trend when it popped up in my Charming Charlie’s email. By the way Charming Charlie’s is a cheap girl’s accessory heaven. They’re currently selling boyfriend watches for an affordable price. For those of you who want spend more, then look to brands like Michael Kors and Coach. BF watches come in many colors, but I am currently digging the rose gold even though it looks terrible on my skin tone. Rose gold is perfect for paler skin tones and white gold is better for darker skin tones. I think we should all add another boyfriend to our collection, so hop on the boyfriend watch trend, so you always know what time it is.

Choose a Statement Necklace

As collared shirts make an appearance this summer a statement necklace is the perfect way to tie your whole look together. Switch things up for a change and make your necklace the center of your entire outfit. There are so many options when it comes to necklaces, just fine the one that works for you. Don’t get anything to chunky otherwise it may literally strain your neck and way you down…remember neck braces are short from fashionable.

Photo Courtesy: O My Heart

Would You Wear a Headscarf?

It’s so easy to get tired of your hair especially when you don’t like the color, the length, or the way it looks. So normally your solution is to throw it up in a pony tail or put on a baseball cap, but have you ever thought of trying a headscarf? I know for some of you this may be a little out there, but  a headscarf can really be an appealing accessory and it can fix almost all of your hair problems. Literally think of it as the scarf for your head. The same way a scarf can take your outfit from causal to chic a headscarf is just as capable. They come in so many colors and here’s a fashion secret. If you’re headscarf is long enough wear it as a scarf around your neck. Now that’s a two in one.

Photographer Vasil Germanov
Model Martina Dimitrova

Collars Are For Girls Too

I don’t know about you, but I have this weird complex that guys are the only ones allowed to wear collars. I feel like collars are such a masculine thing, but I don’t want to set back the female race any longer. I have seen girls reinventing the collar lately and making it feminine with accessories such as studs and sequence. I love it! Jeweled collars add life to your outfit without putting on a necklace, how could you go wrong? Wait but you can go wrong. There are some females who are wearing overly studded or sequenced collars that it take away from the rest of  their outfit or actually look painful and irritating. Now that’s a definite Fashionique no, no. Keep it Chic people.