Interning in the City

The sun was shining as I departed Port Authority and stepped onto the streets of New York. I strutted my way to Rockefeller Plaza and caught a glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parker and her Manolo Blhanik’s as she exited Good Morning America and stepped into her awaiting black SUV. It was a perfect 72 degrees on that Monday morning in June and I was about to start my internship at Simon & Schuster.

Isn’t that the perfect opening to a first day?

Of course, in the movies or books, but we all know we live in reality here so my first day started off nothing like that. It was more like this.


Fully overcast and gray, I took the bus in. A 30 minute commute from Jersey sans traffic. I looked to my left upon entering the Lincoln Tunnel and I could barely see the skyline as it was covered in dark clouds. It would rain any minute and that it did as I stepped off the bus and walked into Port Authority. In an attempt to remain dry, I chose to take the subway to work, which was a good idea minus the homeless man who randomly screamed at a father with his son on the D train. It’s New York, I expect nothing less.

Thankfully it all turned around as I made my way to Rockefeller Plaza and walked through the gold revolving doors at Simon & Schuster. For those of you who don’t know, Simon & Schuster is a publishing company, whose authors include individuals , such as,  Jody Picoult and Stephen King.

So now to answer your next question, what am I a proclaimed fashion PR enthusiast doing at a publishing company?

I’m working in publicity duhh. You gotta start somewhere and Simon & Schuster wasn’t a bad decision especially since they recently published Revenge Wears Prada ( Devil Wears Prada 2). Depending on the book, the fashion world is closer than you can imagine.

I loved my first day, along with my second and third and fourth…in short I love my internship. Although I have to do tons of mailings its fun sitting in on meetings where they discuss appearances on Good Morning in America, going to Comic Con and having Barbara Walters home phone number. It makes me even more certain PR or publicity is exactly what I want to do.

Read my next post to find out my internship style, because you know that’s the most important factor.