A New Year! A Different Fashionique but the Same Dominique

Look to the heavens? Who knows…ice skating Bryant Park 12/30/12

I woke up this morning to two extremely harsh comments posted on my blog by an anonymous  viewer. My first thought was to delete them, but upon second thought I decided to take the harsh comments and start blogging again. Honestly, I love being underestimated and harsh criticism is what drives me to be great! It may be backwards thinking for some, but it works for me.

I’m human so I am no where near perfect. I can’t post everyday and sometimes I might not post for months, but I really do love blogging. It’s hard work, but it’s so satisfying.I’ve been keeping a journal since I was in 5th grade and I don’t write in it daily but it does document most of my life events. I want to get a bit more personal on my blog. Sharing with you my personal life and struggles all while giving you fashion advice and updates.

For along time I have been updating all of you with pure fashion news and this time around I hope to update you with a bit more about me. So I know I haven’t posted since last October and I’ve probably lost most of my followers, but there is nothing wrong with starting over. So here I am starting over for fourth maybe fifth time. Hopefully I can make things a little better this time around.

Welcome to Fashionique by Dominique in 2013.


A Very Sexy Modeling Campaign

Just to let you guys in on a little bit more in my life. Here is the modeling campaign video our fashion club made for modeling auditions at Ithaca College. I am in a fashion club call Hi-Fashion Studios and each semester we put on a huge fashion show. So, this is the campaign to get models to audition for the show. I think it’s pretty good, especially for a bunch of college students. 

The Boyfriend Watch –Another Boyfriend for the Collection

Boyfriend jeans, Boyfriend tees, Boyfriend blazers now’s it’s time to tap into accessories. I introduce to you the Boyfriend Watch. So why do we add the word  boyfriend to it. It’s because the face of the watch is large like a typical men’s watch, but the band is small made for a woman. I first noticed this trend when it popped up in my Charming Charlie’s email. By the way Charming Charlie’s is a cheap girl’s accessory heaven. They’re currently selling boyfriend watches for an affordable price. For those of you who want spend more, then look to brands like Michael Kors and Coach. BF watches come in many colors, but I am currently digging the rose gold even though it looks terrible on my skin tone. Rose gold is perfect for paler skin tones and white gold is better for darker skin tones. I think we should all add another boyfriend to our collection, so hop on the boyfriend watch trend, so you always know what time it is.