Rumor Has It :Lady Gaga to Design for McQueen

The Wall Street Journal called Lady Gaga Alexander McQueen’s  “unofficial muse”. So of course rumor has it she will design a Spring 2011 capsule collection with the McQueen fashion house. Due to her popularity and commercial success wearing the brand, Lady Gaga seems like the perfect person to continue the McQueen namesake.  Supposedly, the collection is being worked out under the name “Poisson D’Avril” which refers to a “thematic poison” in Gaga’s recent Telephone video.[Fashionising]

Daily Male: Manties

Alexander McQueen left us with one last gift before he commited suicide. He was working on a line male underwear hence the word manties. Unlike regular Fruit of the Loom underwear these aren’t just cotton and white, they’re stylish. says, “(There) For those nights and days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, these Manties are made for you.Once you have them on, it will be “hard” to take them off.They are made of nylon and have the extra room where you need it, for the most comfortable fit there is…” The McQueen Manties are available in hi-cut as well as low cut and will be available in June. Along with the manties comes a pajama line also supposedly military inspired. Prices will range from $52.50 for boxers to $555 for the latest McQueen pajamas.
[The Cut]

Photo Courtesy: Huffington Post