An Epiphany: Finding My Voice

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I won’t lie this post popped in my head as I was dancing around my house with the music blasting.

Right in the middle of One Republic’s Feel Again I realized that I was head over heels in love with myself in that moment. I’ve been a bit lost lately. I keep trying to figure out who I am, what defines me and I am so determined to find my voice.  But as I was belting out the lyrics (water bottle in hand) to Feel Again the search came to an end because who I am, what defines, my voice well that’s all right in front of me. The girl dancing around in her underwear and bra that’s who I am. Dancing, being utterly insane, living that’s what defines me and my voice well I’ve had it all along.

I’m calling this an epiphany because I want everyone to know, if you’re lost and trying to figure out who you are just stop for a second and spend some time with yourself.  You don’t ever really lose who you are, you just forgot to spend time with yourself. Everyday spend twenty minutes with yourself  think, reflect, meditate…whatever makes you happy because that’s who you are.

Style is a direct expression of who you are. When you’re shopping make sure every piece you buy is a piece of you. Have the confidence to wear what ever you want. Don’t let others determine you’re style because your style is you. Remember style is forever and fashion is truly just a season.

That’s all for my philosophical moment today.


Emma Watson Has Been Dropped As Burberry Ambassador

After a one year stint as the face of the brand, Emma Watson will no longer represent Burberry. Victoria’s Secret model (aka the girl who replaced Megan Fox in Transformers 3) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will now be the face of Burberry. She will appear in the Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaigns. The fashion house however is keeping their options open as they saw a 24% increase in revenue, while Watson was the face of the brand. [SAWF]

Gap Tells Shoppers to “PUT SOME PANTS ON”

In its latest ad campaign tells shoppers to “Put Some Pants On” and in a smaller print it says “Because We All Can’t Look Good In Shorts.” Personally I’m not offended by the ad because I look pretty good in my daisy dukes..not to be cynical or anything. However others might be offended. Its great in all that Gap is trying to be blunt and just say it like it is. Usually I’m all for that, but this is just plain rude. Especially since Gap is trying to promote their brand, but to me this just pushes customers out of the store. Or maybe the underlying point to the ad is to segregate the customers they don’t want buying their clothes. Maybe the Gap doesn’t want any overweight customers…its just a theory.


Photo: Hilary Moss, HuffPost

Gaga Says Yes to Cocaine, No to Sex

Last week I showed you Lady Gaga’s very washed out Vanity Fair UK cover and here the article follows:

Gaga completely opens up in the September Vanity Fair Issue. She explains her occasional drug use and the dark place she been because of her drug habit.

She’s “terrified of heroin” but admits she does “mostly cocaine”

“I won’t lie; it’s occasional,” she tells Vanity Fair “And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.”

Her all time low

“I was completely mental and had just been through so much. I do not want my fans to ever emulate that or be that way. I don’t want my fans to think they have to be that way to be great. It’s in the past. It was a low point, and it led to disaster… All I will say is I hit rock bottom, and it was enough to send a person over the edge. My mother knew the truth about that day, and she screamed so loud on the other end of the phone, I’ll never forget it. And she said, ‘I’m coming to get you.’”

When Gaga is creative she’s celibate

“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina… I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist… I’m drawn to bad romances. And my song ‘Bad Romance is about whether I go after those [sort of relationships] or if they find me. I’m quite celibate now; I don’t really get time to meet anyone.”

[Just Jared]

Photo Courtesy Vanity Fair UK

David Beckham Will Design Menswear Under Victoria Beckham’s Label

David and Victoria are forming yet another courtship in fashion. After appearing in Girogio Armani underwear ads together. David Beckham will design a menswear line under his wife’s label. Supposedly “Victoria has been trying to persuade him to do it for a while and he’s finally succumbed,” a source told the Mail On Sunday. “She has reassured him that he has an eye for fashion.” We’ll all get to see David eye for fashion with the launch of his i collection for Spring/Summer 2011. “David is hoping to produce an entire range of men’s couture clothing of fitted suits, smart day wear and an evening range – and Victoria thinks it will go down a storm. Meanwhile, she is working on her fifth season and is going from strength to strength.”[Vogue UK]

Photoshop Disaster with Jessica Biel’s Leg in Glamour UK

Here’s just another reason why photoshopping doesn’t always work out. Sometime people forget to finish their jobs and mishaps such as this happen. We all know that the very athletic Jessica Biel doesn’t have a line of cellulite on her right leg, but according to Glamour UK she does. Maybe they shouldn’t have tried to photoshop her leg in the first place then things such as this would never happen. [Jezebel]