Bold Bangs & A Fun Bun

The top knot isn’t going anywhere as the chic hairstyle continues to make its way into 2013. The classic bun has truly evolved as more and more females continue to place it directly at the top of their head. Ranging from prim and proper to messy chic the top knot bun  is a go to look any day of the week. Most recently bangs have become a part of the hairstyle crazy. Blunt and bold straight fringe really adds fierceness to the look. Beyoncé has been rocking it as of late and I have to say the bun and bang look really frames her face and is an extremely bold move on her part

.It’s easy to get lost behind the fringe, but if you can bring your eyes to life with minimal makeup and perhaps a pair of glasses this look seems to be making its ways in 2013.


Penn Badgley’s very Curly Fro

Gossip Girl’s, Penn Badgley has surely moved on from Blake Liveley. Alongside new girlfriend Zoe Kravitz he appears happy, yet homeless. Wearing a faded t-shirt and swim trunks Badgley causes me to wonder a few things. First of all why does he have shoes with him on the beach? They both have shoes in their hands. Haven’t they heard of flip flops, seriously. Next I must speak about the oh so obvious hair situation. Why does he have an afro? His hair is too thin to actually have an afro so it doesn’t even look full, I think his hair is also thinning in the front. Badgley looks like a mess, his chest hair is coming out of the top of his shirt. Oh boy I really hope he cleans himself up before he returns to the set of Gossip Gril. 

Credit: Thibault Monnier/Pacific Coast News

There is Something About…Buns

Throwing your hair up in a bun says so much more than a ponytail ever will. 

There is something effortless, yet chic about a bun. If you are having a hard time making your outfit work or you know you need another accessory, but you can’t figure out what it is try putting your hair in a bun. First try a messy bun there is something appealing about lose strands flying everywhere. Then try a structured ballerina bun. Putting your hair up allows all of your features to become that much more defined. A bun, cat eye, and a pink lip will sure cure all of your outfit ordeals.

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Don’t Piratize, Accessorize with a Hair Scarf

Back in 09′ it was cool to wear head scarves pirate style. Celebrities really embraced the trend covering up their whole heads with silky scarves. The look was cool, but that was then and this is now.

Scarves continue to be an essential hair accessorize but they are taking on a more headband 50’s-esque type look. Everywhere, I see girls pulling back there hair and accessorizing with silk scarves by tying them up in all types of fun knots. The knot is essential to  this latest trend. Some take a scarf tie it once and let the ends fly and I have to say it looks cute. Others are more advanced making knots that look like flowers and positioning them on the side of their head. Some people are doing this fancy knot which kind of just sits in the middle of your head, but the ends are tie down. I don’t it’s kind of hard to describe, but it all looks good.

I think a scarf is the perfect way to subtly change your hair without going to extremes. Best part scarves are the perfect replacement for hats in the winter and they are way cheaper too.


Coffee News: Celebrities and their Dark ROOTS

I believe it is a total faux pas when a blondes roots are showing through. Skunk head is not a look, but according to older celebrities the looks if youthful and trendy. If you take a look at famous blondes like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss their dark roots are highly visible. Easily they could get a touch up with the snap of their fingers but have you ever thought they ask for this skunk look when they go to salons.

In order to appear more youthful older celebs are asking for their roots to be died darker then their ends. It shows that even at 40 something their roots remain dark instad of gray. Hence the trending skunk head look. Obviously this trend is more popular among older woman and the worst part, it’s really catching on. So now when you reach for the Nice ’n’ Easy Root Touch Up box make sure you choose a darker shade. And for those of you who aren’t greying well guess what you can save tons of money by letting your roots grow out. Who knew pure laziness could become a trend.