What Does Your Bag Holding Style Say About You

Pocketbook, purse, bag there are number of things to call the statement accessory that holds women’s important daily possessions. But did you know how you decide to display/hold your bag says a lot about your personality. Body Language expert Patti Wood tells all:




Hermès Creates Kelly “Relax” Bag

On the Left the Kelly “Relax” and to the right the original Kelly

Hermès the creators of the “it” bag present the world with their latest beauty the Kelly “Relax”. The Kelly named after Gene Kelly is much more prim and structured. Whereas the Kelly “Relax” is just that relaxed and slouchy.  It’s a very rich day bag where as the Kelly is great for the office or a special outing. So for those needing to burn  $11,000 on the latest Hermès bag. The Kelly “Relax” is perfect for you.